Incentive Program Updates

Key Features of the Incentive Program:

  1. Base Reward Rate: All participants meeting the minimum requirements receive a base reward rate of 5%. This provides an incentive for initial participation and ongoing support of the protocol.

  2. TVL-Linked Reward Increase (Total Value Locked): Participants who actively invite others and contribute to TVL growth can increase their rewards up to 20%. This encourages them to intensify efforts in attracting new participants and capital to the system.

  • 5% Starter

  • 7% - 30 BNB

  • 9% - 100 BNB

  • 11% - 350 BNB

  • 14% - 700 BNB

  • 16% - 1800 BNB

  • 18% - 5500 BNB

  • 20% - 11000 BNB

  1. Dynamic Tier Differential: Rewards are calculated based on the difference in achieved tiers among different users. This creates a fairer distribution system, mitigating potential manipulations and preventing inequality in reward distribution.

  2. Transparency and Accountability: All aspects of the incentive program are public and easily accessible, ensuring transparency and trust in the system.

  3. Anti-Manipulation Measures: The program is designed to minimize the possibility of abuse or manipulation, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of rewards.


The Carol incentive program is a crucial mechanism for encouraging participation and ecosystem growth. It provides incentives for participants to be more active and engaged while ensuring fairness and transparency in reward distribution. In the long run, this can contribute to the sustainability and success of the protocol, transforming users into active participants and advocates of the ecosystem.

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