Key Version Changes

Limitations Changes:

  1. Modified the limit on the number of bonds to 200 per user.

  2. Set the minimum bond amount to 0.01 BNB.

Bonuses Updates:

  • Liquidity Bonus: +0.1% for every 225 BNB in the project's liquidity.

  • Personal Bonus: +0.05% to yield for each 8 BNB in your stake.

  • Hold Bonus: +0.1% for every 48 hours without claiming or withdrawing CAROL.

Ecosystem Enhancements:

  • Ability to claim for another address.

  • Ability to re-bond for another address.

  • A separate method for collection.

Infrastructure Improvements:

  • Enhanced token price regulation system.

  • Disabling the ability to create bonds.

Organizational Updates:

  • Option to set a sponsor for a user using influence bonds.

  • Ability to appoint a moderator with rights to allocate influence bonds.

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